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With more than 15 years of experience in Biotech and Biopharma, Pyxis consulting offers a wide range of services to entrepreneurs, start-ups and developing business. We help them to grow their business, drive decisions, identify opportunities, and build strategies. We partner with our clients to develop wining business strategies, design effective organization structures, assess competitive landscape, offer market and business intelligence.

You are a start-up and need support?

Becoming a successful company doesn’t only happens with brilliant ideas and concepts, it also requires finances and business know-how. This is where Pyxis Consulting can help by building strong business plans, marketing strategies... Ultimately we can help you to find investors and/or partners and we support you with the implementation of an efficient and scalable Operational structure and Sales organization.

You are an established company facing challenges and looking for solutions?

We provide services and expertise for established companies. Our core competencies are: Business & Commercial Strategy; Leadership and general management; Strategic alliance and partnership; Technology transfer and project management; Interim Management.


What makes Pyxis Consulting unique
Business & Commercial Strategy

Business & Commercial Strategy

Building solid business plans by defining clear product line-ups and services offering. Implementing sales structures and processes. Distribution strategy and network implementation. Ensuring successful market launch.



Implement efficient and scalable company structures and individual’s roles and responsibilities. Build and optimize work process and flow for fast growing companies. Support Management with decision making and change implementation. Assist reorganization for new business unit creation or during and after Merger & Acquisition



Market analysis, competitive landscaping and intelligence. Strategic marketing, new products and services value proposition and positioning. Products/Services mix analysis.

Partnership & Alliance facilitation

Partnership & Alliance facilitation

Partnership or strategic alliance are critical to business growth. We can help you developing and implementing your strategy. Establish win-win partnerships, address cultural issues, build mutual trust. Anticipating and resolving tensions and conflicts in the collaborative process. Define what information to share, with whom and how.

Interim Management

Interim Management

Flexible form of executive staffing. Bringing senior management experience to address business issues. Anticipate pitfalls or problems. Being free from existing allegiances and perceptions, we can make or help you to make difficult decisions objectively.

Project Management

Project Management

Projects are separate from business-as-usual activities, requiring people to come together temporarily to focus on specific project objectives. As a result, effective teamwork is central to successful projects. We can lead and coordinate multifunctional teams and bring methodology to achieve project objectives.

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Cédric Volanti

Cédric Volanti

Managing Director

Oriane Carnet

Oriane Carnet


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What they say...
I worked with Cédric for several years and found him as very clever and solution-oriented. I really enjoyed working with him as colleague and also as business partner. In additon to his scientific and business expertise, he also has a great sense and knowledge of Finance so that we could discuss deeply and easily about potential business opportunities. I thank him a lot for sharing his expertise, scientific guidance and creative ideas during these years.

Sosuke Takemura

CFO at Eurogentec

I had the chance to work several years with Cedric, and the minimum I can say is that he's an outstanding professionnal. Proactive, highly knowledgeable, feet on earth and extremely focus, his market vision impressed me a lot when we launched our biological development plan within our former employer. It is a pleasure for me today to recommend Cedric as his talent well deserve to be recognized.

Frédéric Gaussens

Build up, alliances and corporate strategy amatsigroup

I really appreciated working with Cedric during almost 3 years at SGS. Indeed, it is quite rare to have a manager that compiles technical and managerial skills that allows him to give a support at those two levels. Cédric is not afraid to explore new challenges. To meet the final goal, he is able to identify key players and to put the right person at the right place. He knows how to market the ideas/projects he trusts in. He can motivate a team to reach the objectives and establish a trusting relationship. In spite of the numerous activities he used to deal with, I’m always impressed by its capacity to pick up the essential information and to have the high level view on a problematic (see the forest and not the tree). Cedric is open minded and listen others opinion before forming his own. However, Cedric can take a decision when needed. Finally, Cedric is a likeable and cultured man and I respect his professional and personal values.

Gael Debauve

Associate Director, Bioassay Development for New Biological Entities at UCB

Cedric is an extraordinary person when it comes up to innovation. He made a habit of turning insights into actionable business plans. He has managed to crystallize many of his ideas (which may have looked like unrelated fundamental research topics at first glance) into the creation of several new university or corporate R&D departments during the last years. He did that not only because of his excellent networking or scientific skills, but also because he has this very rare and unique capability to transmit his enthusiasm and energy to his business partners. Combined to the fact that he has probably many very good ideas per day, this is what I believe makes the difference when he manages to turn fundamental science into useful applied technology not only once, but repetitively.

Nicolas Oliveira

Strategic Technologies Platform - Senior Scientist at Procter & Gamble

Cedric has the fortitude to bring about positive organizational change under even the most difficult circumstances. He is detail and quality oriented with a strong sense of responsibility and accountability. Cedric is a dynamic and visionary leader whose strategic thinking gives confidence to those around him. He has an exceptional ability to see the global picture, yet not loose sight of significant details. He acts in the best interest of his clients, as well as the operational needs of his company. Beside all this he has a good sense of humor and it is really fun to work with him.

Horst Enzenauer

Key Account Manager at Datwyler Sealing Solutions

Cédric is an experienced manager with strong scientific and business skills, naturally acting as an inspiring and dynamic mentor. These qualities lead to his ability to motivate a team to care about its project and to be invested in the company development.

Maria Colombo

Scientific Affairs Manager at Eurogentec

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